Submission Guidelines
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  • All paper submissions will be blind peer - reviewed
  • Two categories of paper presentation will be accepted, these are:
  • Refereed research papers: Papers submitted into this category should be those where the research work or conceptual/theoretical development has been completed. Authors should submit up to a 5,000 word-paper.
  • Working papers: Working papers could be reports, proposals for future research or those for which a substantial amount of the research work or conceptual/theoretical development has already been completed. Authors should submit a 1,300-1,500 word paper, which will be reviewed by the Co-chair for presentation BUT NOT publication.
  • All refereed research papers will be published as conference proceedings.
  • The best research papers will be considered for publication in Botswana Journal of Business.
  • All papers must be original submissions that have not already been published.
  • If after evaluation/review and acceptance, you do not wish to publish your full paper, your choice must be clearly communicated to the conference organizer. In which case a two page summary must be submitted for publication after the full paper has been reviewed and accepted
  • A maximum of two papers may be presented by one individual and paper reading is NOT allowed.


Format and style

Manuscripts should be in English (preferably UK) and typed (double spaced, except for tables where single spacing is acceptable) with margin of 1.5 inches at the top, bottom, right and left of every page on one side international A4 bond paper. Tabs should be for indents, not spaces. Font used must be Times New Roman Size 12. The first page (title page) should contain the tittle of the paper, the names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email address of the authors, with an indication of the name to whom decisions should be sent.


The second page should include the paper's title and an abstract of not more than 200 words. The abstract should be an accurate representation of the paper's contents. Major results, conclusions, and/or recommendations should be given with brief details of methods, etc. There should be no indication (other than on the title page) of the identity of the author(s) or the author's (or authors') affiliation


First heading of the body is INTRODUCTION (centred, bold, all caps). Text follows, using appropriate major headings (centred, bold, all caps) where necessary. Secondary headings are left-justified, bold, first letter of each major word capitalized, with a space above and below the heading. The paper should include the following sections: literature review, methodology, findings, discussion and conclusions.

Tables and Figures:

All figures and tables should be given titles, numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals, and referred to within the text.


Up to six keywords or descriptors that clearly describe the subject matter of the paper should be provided.


Citations in the text should follow the Harvard scheme (i.e. names) of author(s); followed by the year of publication and page numbers where relevant, all in parenthesis.

For journals:

Churchill, G., A., and George, G. P. (1979)."Television and Interpersonal Influences on Adolescent Consumer Learning. "Journal of Consumer Research 6 (2): 23-35.